Trauma A Real Obstacle For Learning In SCS Schools

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Shelby County School’s new Superintendent, Dr. Joris Ray, is getting to work making the district Trauma Informed and Trauma Responsive.

Tuesday, SCS board members voted to authorized Ray to begin looking in ways to equip students and administrators to work with students affected by disruptions and home in their communities. Tikeila Rucker is the president of United Education Association of Shelby County. She describes how many SCS students witness traumatizing violence and crime and are left to deal with those experiences on their own. Rucker says with no way to address what they’ve seen or heard, children often play out their emotions at school.

A Trauma Informed/Responsive Shelby County Schools would give teachers and students an outlet to process those experience, clearing the way for a more focused learning environment. Community activist and Pastor Charlie Caswell expressed his appreciation to Shelby County Board members for moving forward in establishing the district as Trauma Informed/Responsive during their regular business meeting. “This morning a child had to go to school due to violence that was in the home, but when they go to school the teacher may have said ‘what’s wrong with you’ instead of ‘What has happened to you.’” Caswell says better educating teachers and administrators that if they change the language the culture and lives of SCS students can be changed.

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