After the storm: Neighbors helping neighbors

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – Following this weekend’s damaging storms that cut through the Mid-South, some Memphis residents and businesses chipped in to lend a helping hand during the holiday weekend. The powerful wind storm changed a lot of weekend plans for many people. Jennifer Bassett just got home from a wedding when trees starting taking down power lines around the city.

“We made it into the house and immediately the power just went out,” Bassett said. Over 188,000 people lost power, but with so many in need of help, it also presented a lot of opportunities for neighbors to step up – and they did. Bassett’s neighbor helped by running them an extension cord. “They made it where we could at least sleep well and keep our fridge running as well,” Bassett said. “Things like this that make it worth while to live here and enjoy the city.”

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