Who We Are

 Committed to developing trauma informed and resilient communities that is focus on preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACE). And building vision-based communities.

Core Partnerships:

  • Ascent Health
  • Alliance Health Services
  • Youth Village
  • Impact Ministries
  • Rotary FYI
  • MPD Austin Peay Station/DA Office

Programs We Offer:

  • Wrap Around Frayser
  • Shelby Connect
  • Legacy Family Connect

Our Service Model

Legacy of Legends CDC (LLCDC) provides holistic high-fidelity wraparound 2-Generation Approach through our Legacy Family Connect Centers (LFCC) to help children and parents to overcome traumatic experiences and other adverse experiences. 

We utilize a three-part strategy to significantly reduce ACEs, gang and youth violence, family violence, and poverty in Memphis communities.

  1. ACE-Based Prevention
  2. Intervention, Treatment, and Response
  3. Supplemental Natural Supportive Response Services

Our approach is effective because we focus on building Natural Community Supports by developing genuine relationships with our 7Ps (Parents, Pastors, Principals, Police, Politicians, Proprietors, and Partners) in our communities.

Our model of work is being duplicated by the Rotary-Family Youth Initiative in other cities across Tennessee and Mississippi.